I have already worked with a Ray Skillman dealership, are they all the same?

No. Each dealership has separate finance opportunities available.

Do I need a down payment?

Not necessarily! Every customer situation is unique and we like to be flexible with what you have available. However, a down payment helps reduce long term compound interested which will inevitably save you money.

Do I need a valid driver’s license?

No. We have lenders that do not require a valid driver’s license.

What is my interest rate? What will my monthly payments be?

Great questions! Similar to your down payment, this will be determined based on lender approval and we would be happy to get that process started for you.

I am on a fixed income; can you still help me?

Yes! We work with several lenders who are willing to help customers who are on a fixed income and because of our large inventory we are confident we can find a vehicle to fit your budget.

I have recently started a new job; will that stop me from purchasing a vehicle?

No, not necessarily. We might have to wait until you have received your first full paystub or in some cases an offer letter will suffice.

I still owe on my current vehicle; do I have options?

Absolutely! Our business managers are always eager to purchase pre-owned vehicles to add to our inventory and get your vehicle paid off. When can we schedule an appraisal for you?

I am currently in a bankruptcy; do I have to wait until it is discharged?

No! We have options for before and after your discharge date, that’s one of our specialties.

I had a repossession in the past, can you still help?

The answer is yes! Every customer situation is unique but we can help our customer who have struggled in the past and we offer recovery programs to start building your credit again.

Is this program similar to a Buy Here Pay Here?

No, we are different. Our team works with traditional finance lenders. However, we do work closely with our highly rated in-house finance program.